Anthony Sahyoun “Proof By Infinite Descent”

Tuning in to the infinite frequencies saturating whatever psychic plane is currently decaying into dust, Lebanese artist Anthony Sahyoun’s proper debut, Proof By Infinite Descent, is a masterpiece. Harnessing raw shards of familiar touchstones, Sahyoun posits a world where tragedy and disaster aren’t the necessary currency to uphold the status quo. Sifting through fields of sonic and emotional debris, Proof of Infinite Descent is an intimate, vulnerable portrait … Continue reading Anthony Sahyoun “Proof By Infinite Descent”

Foxy Digitalis Mix #37: Anthony Sahyoun

Hot on the heels of Anthony Sahyoun’s incredible new album, Proof By Infinite Descent, comes this beguiling mix of Lebanese, Syrian, Egyptian, and Palestinian music. The Beirut artist weaves countless inspirations and sources into his record. Listening to this 67-minute mix, certain threads emerge and we can hear how he combined some of these elements into new ideas and sounds throughout Proof By Infinite Descent. This is … Continue reading Foxy Digitalis Mix #37: Anthony Sahyoun

Track Premiere: Anthony Sahyoun “Irhamna”

Anthony Sahyoun has been heavily active in Beirut’s sprawling music scene over the past decade, pushing sonic boundaries and making a name for himself in the process. Finally, he’s releasing his debut solo album, Proof By Infinite Descent, co-released by Beirut’s Ruptured label and Portland’s Beacon Sound.  The second single, “Irhamna,” is gripping with its hypnotic autotuned vocal melodies under attack from bass-heavy sonic globules. Axiomatic … Continue reading Track Premiere: Anthony Sahyoun “Irhamna”