The Seltzer Salon #10: Fadi Tabbal

I’ve been pretty floored by a lot of the music coming out of Beirut over the last few years – and I realize I’m a bit late to the party here – but the city’s scene has produced a handful of my absolute favorite albums in recent memory. One thing many of those records have in common is Fadi Tabbal and Tunefork Studios. I’ve been in touch with Tabbal for the last few years, and have written about a fair bit of work he’s involved in, but it felt long overdue to have a conversation about his work and all that’s happening around him. His recent album with Charbel Haber, Enfin La Nuit, was a perfect opportunity.

Fadi Tabbal & Charbel Haber “Enfin La Nuit” 

Fadi Tabbal’s Bandcamp

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