Foxy Digitalis Mix #37: Anthony Sahyoun

Hot on the heels of Anthony Sahyoun’s incredible new album, Proof By Infinite Descent, comes this beguiling mix of Lebanese, Syrian, Egyptian, and Palestinian music. The Beirut artist weaves countless inspirations and sources into his record. Listening to this 67-minute mix, certain threads emerge and we can hear how he combined some of these elements into new ideas and sounds throughout Proof By Infinite Descent. This is one incredible ride that I’m going to be blasting over and over.

Proof By Infinite Descent is OUT NOW via Beacon Sound and Ruptured Records.


Abed Kobeissi & Sary Moussa – A Simple Song About Weather And Murder
Jad Atoui – Black Lanterns
Karkhana – Al Sal’awa
Mhamad Safa – Sun (OST for Red In Tooth)
XEFM – ???
Two Or The Dragon – Dance Grooves For The Weary [Parts I & II]
Marc Codsi – Invocation II
Maurice Louca – Saet El Hazz (The Luck Hour)
Kid Fourteen – What I Mean To Say Is
Aya Metwalli – 100 Leyl
Fadi Tabbal – The New And Improved Guide To Birdwatching Vol.4
Elyse Tabet – We Slept Through The Day
Telos – gauntlet23
Mocques – Nour
ZULI – Penicillin
Mutamassik – Consequently Yours
Muqata’a – Marj Ibn Amer
Cosmic Analog Ensemble – Four Notes
Scrambled Eggs & A Trio – Koji Kabuto
Mazen El Sayed & Jawad Nawfal – Pastless لا تعد
Youmna Saba – 40-1
Malayeen – Dina
Charbel Haber – 22:21
Sandy Chamoun – Dreams Of The Imagination (Ahlam Al Khayal)
Postcards – Flowers In Your Hair
Bana Haffar – Conference of the Birds
Sary Moussa & Serge Yared – Scion
Sabah Fakhri – Kadouka el Mayass قدك المياس

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