Foxy Digitalis Mix #36: Bandcloud

When I started releasing music and thinking about getting Foxy Digitalis going again, Aidan Hanratty was one of the first people to reach out. He interviewed me for his Bandcloud newsletter last year and we’ve stayed in semi-regular contact since. Bandcloud is a weekly treasure trove of interesting music that’s often overlooked in other spaces so it’s no surprise that it appeals to me so much.

Additionally, Hanratty regularly does radio broadcasts so a Foxy Digitalis mix is a no-brainer. True to form, there’s a fantastic combination of familiar and unfamiliar here, assembled in a considered way that makes it all hit just right. Dig in and subscribe to Bandcloud HERE


Dean Hurley – Tube Wind Dream
DarkTwaine_ – Cultivation
Daniela Casa – Dimensione Concreta
Reginald J. Lewis – Arcadian Valley
Marsha Fisher – Phone Purge
Jenny Hval – In the Red
Laurie Spiegel – Three Sonic Spaces I
elizabeth veldon – a short note on the prevalence of anti-transgender narratives
Istari Lasterfahrer – A (excerpt)
Malcolm Pointon – Trojan Woman
Taylor Deupree – February (19th c. 4-string wooden zither, Roland RE-201 Space Echo)
Geneva Skeen – Leveled Ground, Bottomless Pit
Janet Beat – Lighthouses Waltz
nothing natural – hivemind
Saffronkeira + Siavash Amini – Concave
Edna King – Wake Me Up
LCC – Graphein
Patrick Cowley – Candida Cosmica
Meemo Comma – Winter Sun
Abby Lee Tee – Simulacrum XV-XXI
Celes – nice people (stroll)
Jennifer Moore – Double Landscape
Venus Ex Machina – Avril
Pamela_ and her sons – Grey Sky
Dea Karina / Furchick – Radio Static
Knowing – Stare
Tootoosis – sandra’s wedding day

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