Sifting Ashes With Isaac Helsen

Foxy Digitalis depends on our awesome readers to keep things rolling. Pledge your support today via our Patreon. Setting out to make an album that explores the connections between music and photography isn’t a simple task, but on his new album, Burning House, that’s what Isaac Helsen set out to do. The cover image tells a story – not just in the image itself, but the color palette and … Continue reading Sifting Ashes With Isaac Helsen

Foxy Digitalis Mix #36: Bandcloud

When I started releasing music and thinking about getting Foxy Digitalis going again, Aidan Hanratty was one of the first people to reach out. He interviewed me for his Bandcloud newsletter last year and we’ve stayed in semi-regular contact since. Bandcloud is a weekly treasure trove of interesting music that’s often overlooked in other spaces so it’s no surprise that it appeals to me so … Continue reading Foxy Digitalis Mix #36: Bandcloud

Siavash Amini “A Trail of Laughters”

Certain aspects of Siavash Amini’s compositions are complex and take time to grasp, but as a whole, there’s a striking universal language that’s riveting from the start. A Trail of Laughters is a framework for Amini to explore a series of distressing, recurring dreams. Using systems and tunings outside of the traditional Western 12 tone equal temperament, this sonic world plunges deep into the psychic darkness, yet … Continue reading Siavash Amini “A Trail of Laughters”

New Perspectives: An Interview With Siavash Amini

Siavash Amini’s work often has a cinematic element to it. The Iranian artist combines disparate sounds into cohesive, expansive worlds. It’s music that can transport listeners to different dimensions, evoking images of colossal landscapes and wells of deep emotion. On his new album, A Trail of Laughters, Amini explores the darkness within his unconscious mind, digging through repetitive distressing dreams to find meaning and solace. It’s … Continue reading New Perspectives: An Interview With Siavash Amini