Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 2, #38: Steve Fors

On his forthcoming album, it’s nothing, but still, Zurich-based Steve Fors weaves every ounce of himself into six emotive, visceral songs. It’s a deceptive album that uses a palette I’ve heard many times before, but a new approach emerges in the emotional propulsion and pristine sonic palette. With a backdrop of the last few years still raw, Fors creates his own magic. The album looks inward by expanding outward and fixating itself in the decaying world. 

Fors uses that same energy and care for this mix, combining these pieces in affecting ways. It’s fantastic. Check out it’s nothing, but still (which, side note, is produced by the great Siavash Amini) via Hallow Ground HERE.


part I
00:00—Austral—Benoît Pioulard, Roil, Self-released, 2022.
03:10—We Found Ourselves Beneath a Dark Sky—Rhian Sheehan, For Ukraine (Volume 2), presented by Mike Lazarev, 2022.
07:24—Being Outside Being—Mike Lazarev, When You Are, Slowcraft Records, 2022.
09:54—ground glass—steve fors, it’s nothing, but still, Hallow Ground, 2022.

part II
15:28—Decay Waves—Rafael Anton Irisarri, Solastalgia, Outer Worlds, 2019.
21:48—Above Below 06—Andrew Sherwell, Above Below, Shimmering Moods Records, 2020.
26:24—Occultation—David Granström, Empty Room, Hallow Ground, 2021.
36:10—Echo Park—willamette, Echo Park, Infraction Records, 2011.
39:13—unsound structures—steve fors, it’s nothing, but still, Hallow Ground, 2022.
45:14—Spuming Silver—Siavash Amini, Hallow Ground presents: EPIPHANIES, Hallow Ground, 2022.
50:56—Hapless Gatherer—Lawrence English, Wilderness of Mirrors, ROOM40, 2014.

part III
55:44—An Ending (Ascent)—Brian Eno, Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks, Editions EG, 1983.

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