Track Premiere: Siavash Amini “Instantia”

Photo by Yassaman Rostamian

Siavash Amini envelops listeners in harmonic shades through expansive tonal corridors exploring and engaging with different tuning systems (particularly Safi-al-din Urmav’s 17-tone scale). The Iranian composer, a self-described tuning obsessive, creates compelling sonic spaces on “Instantia” where harmonics resonate and intersect almost suffocatingly. Parched resonances spread through languid, emotive drones, toying with dissonance and harmony, creating a downward pressure that presses us deep into the soil. “Instantia” squeezes empty spaces together, compressing the sound into something new.

“Instantia” appears on Amini’s forthcoming album, Eidolon, which will be released on July 7 by Room 40. Stream below and pre-order HERE.

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