Premiere: Saint Abdullah “Inshallahlaland”

Saint Abdullah’s track record is impeccable. Every release is memorable in its own way, combining disparate sounds and ideas into new forms of expression, sweeping listeners off course like it’s nothing. Last year’s In God’s Image remains a touchstone, an epic achievement of caustic, contemplative rage. Following up the recent To Live A La West double dose on Important and Cassauna, the duo offer new images with Inshallahlaland for Room 40.

There’s a tactile aspect to Saint Abdullah’s sonic excavations and that element takes center stage on Inshallahlaland. Spreading seeds across a parched landscape, Saint Abdullah find remnants of life in concrète loops and iconic incantations. Inshallahlaland is an intense, mysterious space that further cements Saint Abdullah as one of the best music duos on the planet. It is unmissable.

Get a quick taste in the preview video below and pre-order the album HERE. Inshallahlaland will be released on February 4.

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