Foxy Digitalis Mixes #45×4: Lawrence English

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Room40 has had an unbelievable year of releases so it seems appropriate, as part of Foxy Digitalis’s year-end schedule, to have label boss Lawrence English at the fore. Lawrence compiled three mixes of music he’d collected through his many tours and travels through Japan and shared them out on the Room40 mailing list. All three of those mixes are available to stream below (in reverse order), but first dig into an exclusive mix he made for Foxy Digitalis. Here’s Lawrence himself:

The first concert I ever performed overseas was in Tokyo in 2002. I had wanted to visit Japan since, as an 8 years old, my interest was piqued when my parents brought me home a Macross Valykrie robot from a trip they had been on to East Asia. The typography and graphics on the box, the vision of the future, the mecha itself; everything about that object spoke to something deep inside me. Sounds silly to say, but that little figurine opened up something in me that is still curious about and engaged by Japan to this day. 

Between 2002 and 2011 I visited Japan more times that I care to remember. Each trip a wondrous joy. I made many dear friends and learned a great deal. This past year I was able to uncover a massive pile of CDs and CDRs I picked up during those trips. So much music I loved (and love still), I wanted to share just a little of it. Anyway, four mixtapes later, the year has vanished but my sense of natsukashi has only deepened. To all my friends out in places I have not travelled for a while…I am thinking of you and hope our paths cross sooner than later. Enjoy these amazing folks collected here!

Find Lawrence via the Room40 website, Bandcamp, Twitter, & Instagram.

Been Away Vol IV – Going Through An Old Address Book
Geinoh Yamashirogumi – ネオ東京上空の風 (Akira OST)
Ai Yamamoto – Going Home
Cuushe – Dust Of Dreams (Motion Sickness Of Time Travel Remix)
Matsuo Ohno + Takahisa Kosugi – Suite 5 (Roots Of Electronic Sound)
Boris – Hope
Fushitsusha – Chuushin No Ketsui I
Akio Suzuki – Aeolian Harp
Akira Kosemura – Stillness Of The Holy Place
Eiko Ishibashi – After The Smoke
Ground Zero – Nani
Hariyuki Suzuki – Go and Back b
Merzbow – Merzbient
Chihei Hatakeyama – Towards A Peaceful Marsh
Midori Hirano – Two Kites
Matsuo Ohno + Takahisa Kosugi – Suite 5 (Roots Of Electronic Sound)
Tenniscoats – The Ending Theme

Been Away Vol III – Lucid dreams in the present, spurring the pastHiroki Inui – Armoured Trooper Votoms OST
Consume Red – Ground Zero
Yoshi Wada – Lament for the Rise and Fall of the Elephantine Crocodile
Fushitsusha – 今に なりつつある 影
Taku Sugimoto – DDDD Part I
Nikaidoh Kazumi – Temperature of Windowside
Shizuka – 迎えに来たよ
Seiji Yokoyama – Captain Harlock OST
Asuna – Stray Rabbit, Morning Fog, November
細野晴臣 – ろっかばいまいべいびい -Piano Demo ver.-
Gorō Ōmi – Grey Digital Target Ost
Dendö Marionette – Evitar
Seiji Yokoyama – Captain Harlock OST
Marginal Consort – Collective Improvisation
Yellow Magic Orchestra – Cosmic Surfin’
Haco – 05 Motor And LCD Sound From Digital Audio Recorder With Running Tape
Les Rallizes Denudés – The Last One
高柳昌行 & 阿部薫 – Gradually Projection
Merzbow – Noise Embryo Pt 2
Consume Red – Ground Zero

Been Away Vol II – …sometimes I wear my heart on my sleeve…
Macross : Do You Remember Love? OST Theme
Busratch – Round Sleep
Tenniscoats + Secai – 2 O’Clock
Otomo Yoshihide – Blue 1
Ryuichi Sakamoto – Grasshoppers
Otomo Yoshihide – Blue 1 (continues)
OYNJQ + OE – Double Density
Oorutachi – Misen Gymnastics
Akio Suzuki – Jumping And Standing
Brötzmann + Hano – Funny Fat
Dry and Heavy Meets Prince Jammy – Dub World
Pachinko In Your Head
Kyoko Furuya -0時のメイン·ストリート
Galaxy Express OST – 惜別そして未知への憧れ
Friction – Cool Fool
Joe Hishashi – Nausicaä Of The Valley Of The Wind

Been Away Vol I
Maya Konishi
Ueno Takashi – From Re
Flower Travellin Band – Satori Part 3
Keiji Haino – I Said, This Is The Son Of Nihilism
Boredoms – 2 + 4
Ground Zero – El Derecho de Vivir En Paz + Shinoshin 3_4
Eddie Marcon – さよなら
LSD March – 04 Sekai No Shizukesa
Toshiba Ishizuka – Roba
Moon Mama – Pika Universe
Shirahama Blues (白浜ブルース)
Tetuzi Akiyama – Fireside
Reiko Kudo – Mihoko
My Pal Foot Foot – Ghost

Foxy Digitalis depends on our awesome readers to keep things rolling. Pledge your support today via our Patreon.