Video Premiere: Alejandro Morse + Cian + Eduardo Padilla “Endless Keg”

Mexican sound artists Alejandro Morse, Cian, and Eduardo Padilla come together for the first time on their new album, Einarth, coming soon via Dragon’s Eye Recordings. The trio’s respective orbits have often run parallel but have finally collided. This music, recorded just before the pandemic on a rooftop in León, Mexico, grinds the veneer of ceremonial dust into a fine powder before dispersing it back out into the slipstream. 

Dense sonic layers of guitars and modular synth coalesce into a monolith. Spirals of cathartic sound pull together like the light slowly being sucked out of the world and distilled into a single, blinding point. It’s powerful and all-encompassing as the tonal swathes wrap themselves into a thick blanket of aural protection. The video, filmed by Pamela Castillo and edited by Citlalli Sánchez, highlights these shifting emotional currents as shadows fade into slow-moving textures imbued with emotional release. Together, it’s a beautiful, haunting exploration.

Einarth is out on February 4 on Dragon’s Eye Recordings. Pre-order below.

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2 thoughts on “Video Premiere: Alejandro Morse + Cian + Eduardo Padilla “Endless Keg”

  1. The photography of these video was filmed by me Pamela Castillo and edited by Citlalli Sánchez. We know that the priority of the project is music, but we did collaboration as visual artists and unfortunately there not named in the article

    1. Hi Pamela,
      My apologies for not included credits to you and Citlalli (I have updated the post now) – I didn’t have the information on who made the video so I appreciate you commenting here and letting me know! If there are links I can include to your site (and Citlalli’s) or social media, please let me know. Thank you again – I truly do appreciate it and apologize once more.

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