Premiere: Kee Avil “saf”

Kee Avil’s debut album Crease is a force. On the second single, “saf,” the Montreal-based project led by producer and guitarist Vicky Mettler, fractured dreams morph into real-world anxiety. A hypnotic furor takes hold as Kee Avil slinks along splintering rhythms while phantom layers of Mettler’s voice swirl like black smoke promising the ominous fire to come. Oblique guitar passages flicker like a light giving up the ghost. Mettler’s words invoke a new spell, “All I hear it’s inhaling my own air now.” 

In the visual vignette, a cryptic figure encased in glass is slowly covered by melting wax echoes the obscured wounds woven through “saf.” Grating electronics slather everything in an oscillating bleakness, Mettler’s voice writhing as she conjures incantations, “It’s alright, I’m not going anywhere.” “saf” drills this plundered spectacle into a glowing sphere of permanent nightmares.

Crease will be released on March 11 via Constellation Records. It can be pre-ordered HERE.

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