Premiere: Kee Avil “saf”

Kee Avil’s debut album Crease is a force. On the second single, “saf,” the Montreal-based project led by producer and guitarist Vicky Mettler, fractured dreams morph into real-world anxiety. A hypnotic furor takes hold as Kee Avil slinks along splintering rhythms while phantom layers of Mettler’s voice swirl like black smoke promising the ominous fire to come. Oblique guitar passages flicker like a light giving up the … Continue reading Premiere: Kee Avil “saf”

Fly Pan Am’s Lifelong Curiosity

Fly Pan Am may have been dormant for a while, but their presence was always there, woven in the ethereal maze of not just Montreal’s experimental scene, but throughout different pockets of space around the world. Their early records on Constellation were a huge jumping-off point for me, and in a city and on label full of heavyweights, their work has always stood out. Their … Continue reading Fly Pan Am’s Lifelong Curiosity