Track Premiere: Kee Avil “I Too, bury” (claire rousay remix)

Photo by Melanie Marsman

Kee Avil’s debut, Crease, is seared into the furthest recesses of my mind. Her music tempts us with a surface fragility that is a mirage, the unbound force of its complex, engrossing sonic landscape an overwhelming triumph. For the Crease Remixed EP, Avil enlisted four artists – Ami Dang, Pelada, Cecile Believe, and, here, claire rousay – to remix pieces on the album. “I Too, bury” is marked by sharpness in timbre and heft in its emotional impact. rousay stretches its boundaries, and in certain ways frays the closest edges to flicker like phantoms hovering in the distance.

“They’ve brought the music to new places, and us along with it,” Avil shares, “Grateful for the ride.” The closeness of the original was intense, but submerging it in a delicate atmosphere filled with clattering echoes and washed-out electronics, its impact is heightened. It lingers, the lasting impact after the flood waters recede haunts this distended sound world.

Crease Remixed will be released on December 1 by Constellation. Pre-order HERE

Visit claire rousay’s website for more of her incredible work.

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