The Foxy Digitalis Podcast – 11/17/23

On this episode of the Foxy Digitalis Podcast, I don’t really talk about the new Andre 3000 album, but I know a lot of people are excited about (myself included!), so maybe next time. The morning before I recorded this, I woke up early, got lost in the fog, and ended up writing a new Charlatan song around daybreak – and it was so, so nice. Go over to the Patreon to give it a listen!

But, TWO – count’ em TWO – albums of the week since the podcast will be off next week (holiday vibes), and it’s my show so I can do whatever I want. Both are gems, and I listened to them back-to-back yesterday (Melford then Kowalsky) and it REALLY worked. Highly recommend that.

Then, jump to about 15 minutes if you want to get straight to my conversation with Markus Floats about his latest album, “Fourth Album.”

Albums of the Week:

Myra Melford’s Fire & Water Quintet “Hear the Light Singing”

Gregg Kowalsky “Eso Es”

This Week’s Links:

Markus Floats “Fourth Album”

Markus Floats Instagram

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