Track Premiere: Ky “All The Sad And Loving People”

Photo by Stacy Lee

The opening rattles and lilting repetitions foreshadow the emotional gravity Ky releases on “All The Sad And Loving People.” Auto-tuned vocals flicker from all directions over repeating synth phrases and spacious, atmospheric loops. Wistful memories bleed in from the periphery, covered in a vaporous hiss, obscuring details so only the most powerful feelings make it through. A rhythm sparks new life like a heartbeat in the undercurrent. The robotic nature of Ky’s processed voice only heightens the profound sadness woven in the song’s threads; the distance the auto-tune tries to create only brings us closer, only makes this feel more real. “All the sad and loving people,” they plaintively sing before asking, “Where do they go now?” Their words hang like a silky anvil, gently pulling us downward to a place where we can touch heartbreak and still feel secure. 

“All The Sad And Loving People” appears on Ky’s forthcoming album, Power is The Pharmacy, which will be released by Constellation on May 12. Stream below and pre-order HERE

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