Video Premiere: Ever Ending Kicks “Wasabi”

Ever Ending Kicks is the solo project of Paul Frunzi (New Issue/Hungry Cloud Darkening) of Anacortes, Washington. “Wasabi,” the first single from his new album, Small, is an invitation into this world where the shimmer may be fading, but the muted atmosphere is better, anyway. Pointed guitar melodies reach for the center as Frunzi softly sings, “You were wasabi. You’re simple and overpowering. The world is punishing, but in love, we are laughing,” recounting the unpredictability and fluctuations in relationships and emotions.

There’s a sweetness in the air throughout “Wasabi,” even if it is shaded by confusing experiences and a wistfulness. Lilting piano arpeggios flicker beneath the surface, utterly hypnotic and surprisingly comforting. Clyde Petersen’s Super8 video (that stars Frunzi) heightens the feeling of the song, following through banal moments that carry extra weight while being saturated in kindness. There’s a moment where Frunzi is watching a video of two lions playfully rolling in the grass that is a perfect microcosm of how “Wasabi” makes me feel. May we all be carefree lions in love.

Small is out on March 18 via Moone Records. Pre-order directly or below via Bandcamp.

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