Track Premiere: ML Wah “Liberation”

ML Wah (aka Matt LaJoie) takes a new shape for his latest iteration, Mirrored Night, an album of solo piano improvisations that sing like shapeshifting constellations in the black sky. “Liberation” is a centerpiece of the album, flowing across the celestial divide like a river of sonic light imbued with a guiding spirit pointed toward a different dimension. His touch is light, but focused; the song airy and poignant. Piano is not an instrument LaJoie has studied, but his guiding principles translate to the keys in surprising, otherworldly ways.

“I can only describe the recording process as feeling enveloped in the most comforting way,” LaJoie tells me about the session that birthed Mirrored Night. “It reminds me profoundly of Home. Wherever this music came from, it is now ours, from the loving Beyond.” Eyes closed, “Liberation” levitates.

Mirrored Night will be released for pre-order tomorrow, February 4, via Flower Room in digital, cassette, and 12” lathe editions. Follow their Bandcamp here and don’t miss out!

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