Video Premiere: Daniel Menche “Forlorn”

I’m not sure Daniel Menche needs any kind of introduction. For over thirty years he has created a massive body of work that has a focused, solid-state intensity few artists could sustain for a short period let alone a lifetime. Yet that heaviness spreads its tendrils across a mountain of sonic ideas and expressions, Menche always going hard, but never retreading the same ground. 

Forlorn is his new edition for Room 40 and the septic drones embody the desolation of the past two years with cathartic gloss. Menche’s vast vocabulary seeps into every tonal swell and every distorted crevice, creating a living, breathing aural forest for listeners to get lost within, which is the only way we’ll find any route out of the darkness. On Forlorn, the abyss becomes the answer.

Room 40 will release Forlorn on April 1. Pre-order below.

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