Video Premiere: Dorian Wood “Invasiva”

Somewhere near the midpoint of Dorian Wood’s incalculable Invasiva where time and place lose all meaning. So encompassing is Wood’s piece that, if given the proper attention, all waypoints and convergences disappear leaving us still and alone with this sonic framework. Pensive drones illuminate the emptiness with restrained purpose. This meditation on the fear of isolation brims with harsh emotions where the sharp edges are honed by the subtle rise and fall of the elongated arrangements.

Using recordings of the stillness within the abandoned Whittle House at Loghaven in Knoxville, Tennessee where Wood did a residency, Invasiva soothes like a long, drawn-out breath that brings the quiet within. The imagery in the video is comprised of images from Whittle House and the surrounding woods and heightens the impact of the piece.

Invasiva will be released on April 29 by Dragon’s Eye Recordings. Pre-order below.

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