Video Premiere: Dax Pierson “For The Angels”

From the first moment I heard Dax Pierson’s 2021 opus Nerve Bumps (A Queer Divine Dissatisfaction), it’s never strayed too far from the stereo. “For The Angels” remains one of my favorite tracks on the record with its acid-tinged arpeggios and bass lines and drifting, hazy melodies. In the video, directed by Malocclusion, vivid colors intermix with dark backgrounds and amorphous shapes, creating a transcendent visual accompaniment to the multifaceted piece. This is music brimming with empathy and meaning that shines through in the video’s imagery. “For The Angels” is a conceptual place of joyous reunion,” Pierson says of the song, “a fictional space in an alternate universe where we can experience this love and care, just once again with those who we’ve all lost, the Angels.” Few composers can harness such deep, complex emotions and weave them into instrumental electronic music the way Pierson can, and “For The Angels” is a prime example.

Nerve Bumps (A Queer Divine Dissatisfaction) was released last year by Dark Entries Records and Ratskin Records who still have copies plus a ton of other great merch options! Get all that HERE and stream the album below.

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