Video Premiere: Dax Pierson “For 2_24/Keflex”

Dax Pierson’s music rides a line that cuts deep while still holding anyone listening close. “For 2_24” spills glossy synth arrangements across a roughed-up, bare floor. Climbing sequences create inviting sonic architecture, crystalizing faded memories into wistful glances and neon silhouettes. Handsmade’s video heightens each note with compelling imagery and movement, heightening the vivid imagery that permeates Pierson’s music. “Keflex” kicks into gear as bodies disintegrate to move at hyperspeed. Electronics glitch and squelch atop a breaking wave of propulsive, pounding rhythms. Melodies beat back the tides. Everything congeals into an aural ecstasy facing down the beckoning darkness.

Both “For 2_24” and “Keflex” appear on Dax’s fantastic 2021 album, Nerve Bumps (A Queer Divine Dissatisfaction), available HERE. Dax’s video for “For the Angels” from last year can be viewed HERE

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