Video Premiere: Kenneth James Gibson “The Groundskeeper”

Kenneth James Gibson has an innate skill at creating enveloping moods with his music. His last two albums for Kompakt, In The Fields Of Nothing

and The Evening Falls, built expansive worlds where anything seemed possible. His newest, the first release on his newly formed label Meadows Heavy Recorders, Groundskeeping shares similar aspects, but turns further inward and creates an intimate sonic portrait. Layered vocals mix with atmospheric drones sounding off with an enlightened resonance as emotive timbres search inward. There’s a real emotional gravity to “The Groundskeeper” that is utterly captivating. 

The incredible video by Lucas Moreira of Studio Sparks harnesses is a stunning visual journey. Landscapes that are solid at their foundation seem brittle and delicate shrouded in fog and light. Strange figures emerge as if something within is awakened. Mesmerized by a white flower in the starkness, transcendence finds its form. 

Groundskeeping will be released on May 6. Stream three tracks and pre-order below.

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