Track-by-Track: Kasper Bjørke Quartet’s “Mother”

Albums and compositions about climate change and humanity’s impact on our planet have become a regular fixture in my listening habits in recent months. I dug into these themes and explored them via sound with Frederik Croene last month, and now Kaspar Bjørke Quartet’s Mother is occupying a central location in my mind.  Mother is an intense listening experience, even if that’s not immediately obvious. Bjørke’s … Continue reading Track-by-Track: Kasper Bjørke Quartet’s “Mother”

Track Premiere: Kasper Bjørke Quartet “Abiogenesis (feat. Philip|Schneider)”

Kasper Bjørke Quartet’s forthcoming album, Mother, is stunning. With this record, the Danish composer, along with the musicians in the Quartet, distills massive ideas into intimate reflections. Bjørke’s aural treatise on the life cycle of our planet is poignant and evocative, laden with a resonant gravity that shapes each of its six beguiling passages. On “Abiogenesis,” Kasper Bjørke Quartet works with celebrated duo Philip|Schneider to bring … Continue reading Track Premiere: Kasper Bjørke Quartet “Abiogenesis (feat. Philip|Schneider)”

Video Premiere: Kenneth James Gibson “The Groundskeeper”

Kenneth James Gibson has an innate skill at creating enveloping moods with his music. His last two albums for Kompakt, In The Fields Of Nothing and The Evening Falls, built expansive worlds where anything seemed possible. His newest, the first release on his newly formed label Meadows Heavy Recorders, Groundskeeping shares similar aspects, but turns further inward and creates an intimate sonic portrait. Layered vocals mix with atmospheric drones … Continue reading Video Premiere: Kenneth James Gibson “The Groundskeeper”