Track Premiere: Kasper Bjørke Quartet “Abiogenesis (feat. Philip|Schneider)”

Photo by Kenneth Møller

Kasper Bjørke Quartet’s forthcoming album, Mother, is stunning. With this record, the Danish composer, along with the musicians in the Quartet, distills massive ideas into intimate reflections. Bjørke’s aural treatise on the life cycle of our planet is poignant and evocative, laden with a resonant gravity that shapes each of its six beguiling passages. On “Abiogenesis,” Kasper Bjørke Quartet works with celebrated duo Philip|Schneider to bring the seeds planted on the album’s opener into the burgeoning light. Gossamer vocal arrangements are weightless and impossible to ignore. Each layer stretches the boundaries of what seems possible, rising within emotive synth pads to find a promised land of gilded strings, composed by Davide Rossi, and an endless horizon. Bjørke urges us to move forward, taking each step into history as a path to a new world that opens wider with each passing moment.

“Abiogenesis” is a jaw-dropping piece of music where liminal fragility becomes a tower of sonic resolve. Mother will be released on October 28 via Kompakt. Stream below and pre-order HERE.

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