Track Premiere: Kenneth James Gibson “Far From Home” (Brian McBride’s Diminished Stories Mix)

Narrative vignettes are tied together in the inward-flowing expanses of Brian McBride’s “Far From Home” rework. Glassine drones turn to vapor, swelling beyond borders and into the night. A sense of dread lurks within resonant hollows, twisted into pensive melodies that disappear in the seconds before taking hold. McBride continues to turn the screws, building tension through changing sonic fields. As one story burns out, another sparks to life. Piano arrangements loom overhead with a sullen timbre as liminal spaces crackle below. So many lives move out of view within moments. Memories become untangled and drift too far into the periphery to be remembered, all encased by a somber haze. These diminished stories may be hard to swallow, but the beauty is undeniable.

The original “Far Frome Home” appeared on Kenneth James Gibson’s 2018 album, The Fields of Nothing on Kompakt. More information on this stunning remix can be found HERE.

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