Track Premiere: Delay/Aarset “Single 08”

Vladislav Delay (aka Sasu Ripatti) and Eivind Aarset coming together in a diverse sonic collision feels like the universe giving into its magnetic pull. Both have operated in marginal realms where engaging, forward-thinking ideas are born. On Singles, atoms are split and reformed in electric aural spaces to create a diverse, enigmatic landscape filled with enticing drama and tonal reciprocity.

“Single 08” ratchets across Ripatti’s jackhammering rhythms to find Aarset churning caustic, fuzz-laden drones deep beneath the wires. The beat continues, clattering against the shifting architecture at dizzying heights. Resonant exhumations spread into cracks chiseled out at sharp angles leaving behind phantom pains from forgotten memories to crackle in the singing darkness. The magic is in the details where each swell and crackle is another chapter in this sprawling story that promises so much more to come.

Singles will be released on July 8 via Room40 on digital and LP. Pre-order HERE and listen below. 

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