Video Premiere: Space Between Clouds

Photo by Jessica Smith

The quiet shifts and momentary alterations on the title track from David Ralicke’s Space Between Clouds project have a staying power. Thoughtful transitions spark feelings of calmness and reciprocity, imbuing warmth into lilting arrangements and lyrical aural phrases. Woven between ethereal melodies is a spirit of impermanence and transformation.

“The original desire for this recording came from a series of drones that I made whose sound was intended to sneak by consciousness and lay down in the shadows behind thoughts or to be a center in the midst of Chaos,” Ralicke explains when discussing the origins of the project. Synthesizers and horns intertwine to create vivid, textural landscapes moving by in slow motion. Each passage moves forward, releasing tension as they go and spreading outward toward a promising sonic horizon.

Space Between Clouds will be released by AKP Recordings on May 20th. Pre-order HERE.

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