Track Premiere: Natalie Beridze “Ash Wednesday”

Sometimes fragments of memories are more powerful than seeing the whole picture. Natalie Beridze’s “Ash Wednesday” (named after the T.S. Eliot poem which she sings in part) is a small dam holding back an ocean. Eliot’s rumination on finding hope for human salvation echoes across electronic vistas. While Eliot found God through religion, Beridze resonates in the spirit found within music and sound. Her voice rises and falls like the world breathing amidst the chaos, shrouded in reverberating echoes and held close with the tight sonic waves. Distilled into timeless melodies, in Beridze’s hands “Ash Wednesday” becomes a new kind of hymn.

“Ash Wednesday” appears on Of Which One Knows, coming via Room 40 on July 29. Pre-order HERE and stream below.

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