Video Premiere: Pierce Warnecke “Untitled III”

Tension is the oxygen flowing through Pierce Warnecke’s “Untitled III,” the remnants of a sonic megalith buried under a mountain of decay. Exploring the notions of interference, deterioration, and transformation, Warnecke carves a pointed channel from pristine emergence to a place where only the memory of sound remains. Shifting harmonies move at a considered tempo, veering between emotive and harmonic to scythed and discordant in a meticulous, choreographed arrangement. As electronic meddling disrupts the glassine aural palette, the breakaway tones and rising pressure breed a sense of apprehension.

As always, Warnecke’s video work is magnificent. “Untitled III” follows the pacing set out by the music, documenting an alien world falling apart over an undetermined period of time. It echoes the sentiment embedded in “Untitled III” where aspects are as instantly recognizable as they are unknowable and foreign. There are still hints of memories that emerge as the camera slowly pans, entrenched deep in the cracks and crevices where distant lives become new again.

“Untitled III” appears on Deafened By The Noise Of Time, out August 5 via Room 40. Pre-order HERE and stream below.

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