Track Premiere: Luster “Crépuscule”

I’m always here for a good supergroup and, at least for me, that’s exactly what Luster is. This Belgian sextet features Annelies Monseré, Jelle Vanlerberghe (of Joe Speedboat), Lobke D’Hespeel (Mote), Elisabeth Cornille (Funeral Folk, etc), Yumi Verplancke (John Merrick Band), and Julie Lafontaine (Retired. Made a comeback) and across eight songs, they are suspended in time. 

Using guitar, bass, and drums in conjunction with flute, cello, and violin gives Luster a timeless edge. I could be just as easily convinced this was a lost psych folk gem from the 70s as it was an unreleased Broadcast side project or new Nalle album. Luster has this simultaneously progressive and whimsical sound palette and has it so dialed in. “Crépuscule” opens with a medieval flare. Led down the hangman’s path by Lafontaine’s flute, Cluster’s voices coalesce into a hypnotic chant. Simple rhythms push the song further toward the twilight-shrouded horizon, emerging through a fog of harmonium and strings to find a quiet ritual awaiting. 

“Crépuscule” appears on Luster’s forthcoming self-titled album, out on June 23 via Morc. Pre-order HERE and stream below.

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