Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 2, #32: Natalie Beridze (Part 1)

Natalie Beridze’s forthcoming album, Of Which One Knows, is immense, tactile. Built around her voice and intricate, emotive arrangements, she arrives in a place where time is distilled into small, soft fragments. Beridze pieces these sonic granules together into moving visages that spread across a barren landscape, bringing life back to the parched Earth. Her music is an invitation into a new dimension that moves in conjunction with the fading cosmos, filling in the leftover spaces with melodic reverie.

This is half of the mix Beridze put together for Foxy Digitalis and follows similar terrain, finding unexpected narratives and stitching them together in surprising ways. Like Of Which One Knows, it is monolithic and enveloping. 

Of Which One Knows will be released by Room 40 on July 30. Pre-order HERE.

Telephone Tel Aviv- I dream of it often
Nzz/kuji- Resurrection
Erik Satie- Le Fils des Etoiles
Stars of the lid- Don’t bother they are here
Prince- Make up
Steve reich – Pulses (extract)
George Harrison – No time or space
Massimo- Hello dirty
Vangelis- Tears in rain
Hamlet Gonashvili- Verxvis potolta
Nina Simone- Images
Terry Riley- Requiem for Adam (Mvmt 1)
Suicide- Frankie teardrop
Gyorgy Ligeti- Lux Aeterna
Pansonic- Trepanation
DAF- Grief nach den Sternen
Arca- Now you know
Daphne Oram- pulse Persephone
Brian Eno- By this river
Ryan Lott- Counting Atomic
Charles Ives- Unanswered Question
Din- Somewhere in Detroit
Ioseb Kechakmadze- Choral
Jonny Greenwood- Smear
John Luther Adams- The light that fills the world

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