Track Premiere: Brown Calvin “Perspective 44”

Photo by Michael Romero

Kissed by the morning sun, Brown Calvin’s (aka Portland-based producer and composer Andre Burgos) “Perspective 44” beams in from distant space. Sinuous synth leads zigzag around hazy beats to find fresh spectral zones to inhabit. This is music soaked in an air of free spirits and languid natural forms trying to find a place where cosmic waves intersect with the terrestrial plane. Burgos infuses mellow hip hop rhythms with enlightened jazz essences to sail away into future realms. “Perspective 44” is soothing but still inquisitive and infectious. Sit back and get ready to take the ride.

“Perspective 44” is from Brown Calvin’s forthcoming LP on AKP Recordings which will be announced soon. Follow their Bandcamp page for updates and stream the track below.

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