Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 2, #35: Carlos Ferreira

I love when I ask an artist to make a mix for the site, and the end result is something that manages to embody the underlying spirit of their own work. Brazilian composer Carlos Ferreira’s discography is vast. His music is pinned to the surface with subtle force while the ends drift skyward like loose threads trying to detach themselves and float away. There’s always an evocative, emotive narrative buried deep within the somnolent drones, a place to disengage from the world and disappear. 

Ferreira’s latest work comes from Umé Records in the form of a new solo album (Sad Loops) and a stunning collaboration with Foxy Digitalis favorite, Ki Oni (A Hundred Ways of Escaping). Both are available now, and more music can be found at Ferreira’s Bandcamp page HERE. (and quick note, “A Silent Canvas” from Carlos and Yumi Iwaki is the first listen from their forthcoming collaboration on Modern Obscure)

Lawrence English – Watching it Unfold
Eiko Ishibashi – We’ll live through the long, long days, and through the long nights
William Basinski – O, My Daughter, O, My Sorrow
Carlos Ferreira & deer meadow – at the end, together
claire rousay – same
Hinako Omori – A Journey
Patricia Wolf – Recombination
Yumi Iwaki & Carlos Ferreira – A Silent Canvas
Golden Retriever & Chuck Johnson – Empty Quarter
Ben Frost & Daniel Bjarnason – Simulacra I
Sofie Birch – Hypnagogia (feat. Dolphin Midwives)

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