The Wonderful Clusters of Atsuko Hatano

In the past year, Atsuko Hatano’s string-based music has become a fixture in my listening habits. Her work ranges from longform, more experimental sonic journeys to the intricate, beguiling worlds of her Cells series. Any time I listen to something she’s created, there is always something new and unique to discover and get lost within. She has her signature style based upon her interest in … Continue reading The Wonderful Clusters of Atsuko Hatano

Eiko Ishibashi “Torn Page”

The opening minute or so of Eiko Ishibashi’s “Torn Page” is a ruse. Granular tones echo through darkened tunnels, a quickened heartbeat expecting the worst. Yet, the worst never comes. Solemn drones breathe into the air, pushing back the darkness as disembodied voices invite the light to return. The seamless transition from one pole to the other is effortless, enchanting. Ishibashi is a master composer, … Continue reading Eiko Ishibashi “Torn Page”

Atsuko Hatano “Cells#5”

Atsuko Hatano’s work has been a regular companion throughout the past year. The Japanese composer and violist Often released as albums of two long pieces that are often exploratory, digging into experimental drones and textures. Hatano continually amazes me with the depth of her work and the clarity of her expression. On Cells#5, though, she levels up. Her most accomplished and most impactful work to date, … Continue reading Atsuko Hatano “Cells#5”