Foxy Digitalis 2022 Favorites: Michael James Tapscott

When I learned that Michael Tapscott and Isaac Edwards (aka Odawas) had rejoined forces, had a new album coming out (via Bluesanct) as Pacific Walker (now as a trio with Raphi Gottesman), I was thrilled. I loved Odawas (The Blue Depths remains an underappreciated masterpiece in my book) so this is excellent news for me. With that, I wanted to know what Tapscott had been listening to in 2022 and so we have this mix. Pre-order the Pacific Walker album HERE (it’s out tomorrow).

Old Tower – Storms of the Dragon’s Spells
Matt Christensen – I Took It Personally Every Single Mother Fucking Time
Aux Meadows – Rustic Grace
Derek Gedalecia, Tori Kudo & Rich Housh – ZOOMTOWN RATS
Danny Paul Grody – The Hum of an Empty House
Eiko Ishibashi – Ask me how I sleep at night
Sarah Bethe Nelson – Fake Fighting
Bohannon & Turnquist – Part Three
David Michael Moore – Flatboat River Witch
Lauren Helene Green – Cactus Bloom
Suss – Winter Was Hard
Andres Miguel Cervantes – The Drinking Coffee Song
Group Listening – Hollywood Dream Trip
Christopher Superman – Walking Home
Yea-Ming & The Rumours – Takeda Lullaby
Jon Hopkins and Ram Dass – Sit Around the Fire

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