Track Premiere: Lawrence English “Approach V: First Encounter”

Shadows from our youth have a way of following us even if we don’t realize it and grow into a towering reminder when we least expect it. Lawrence English’s new album, Approach, is a sculpture developed from forgotten memories and emotional forebearers that left a lasting mark. Massive drones rise like leviathans from churning waters, sunk and buried eons ago, but still living, breathing organisms shaping our reflections.

“It’s a record about memory, about how seemingly cursory encounters shape us and how experiences accumulate in time,” he explains. “It’s a distorted mirror catching the diminished glow of the fires that forged me.” Within the monolithic sonic walls of “Approach V: First Encounter,” those experiences stand triumphant in the bright embers. The other inspirational source for Approach is Yoshihisa Tagami’s manga, Grey, a formative work for English. He says Approach can be loosely viewed as a soundtrack to Grey, a feeling that buoys the emotive spirit of the album. 

Approach will be released by Room 40 on September 23. Stream “Approach V: First Encounter” below and pre-order HERE.

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