Track Premiere: RA Washington / Jah Nada “Bobbi Lynn”

Mourning [A] BLKstar’s RA Washington and Bloody Show’s Jah Nada are joined by a cast of all-stars for an expansive beam of ethereal sonic fantasy on In Search of Our Father’s Gardens. Across three sides (and nearly 90 minutes of music), Washington, Jah Nada, and crew open a tarnished portal that cuts through the universe’s memory hole. It’s such a massive record it generates its own gravity.

Side-long album closer, “Bobbi Lynn,” is a sprawling journey all on its own. Joined by Kid Millions on drums, the group weaves through moving organic corridors before transcending into the collective subconscious. Steel-infused rhythms steady the path, creating a solid, effusive backbone where everyone else finds their groove and takes off. Spectral horn serenades rain down glissando silhouettes on a jagged sea of piano chords and hallucinatory electronics. Shadows of spiritual jazz from an alternate reality bleed into the wistful atmosphere, buoyed by Washington’s soft, pointed vocals. Emotive basslines dance with introspective piano arrangements, asking questions with no answers, answered by formless incantations. 

When the epic aural treatise finally says goodnight, the stars have been rearranged, and a sacred recollection sparks new fires, new dreams. “Bobbi Lynn” is a saga of its own but also a microcosm of In Search of Our Father’s Garden. This incredible conjuring contains generations.

In Search of Our Father’s Garden will be released on September 16 by Astral Spirits. Stream it below and pre-order HERE

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