Video Premiere: Ben Glas “VII of Superpositional Melodies”

Keigo Hara’s animations for Ben Glas’s “VII” from Superpositional Melodies heightens the psychoacoustic impact of the shifting tonal framework, adding a surprising meditative construct to the piece. Visualizations are in constant motion, sometimes at odds with Glas’s fragmented sonic inquires. The effect is mesmerizing and overwhelming. Keigo explains, “It’s not “real” visualizing, nor is it based on acoustic engineering, but rather it is an improvisational free-styling response to Glas’ sound.” 

In a sense, the geometric images add a new perspective to the moving intonations. Time evaporates with each change in aural direction. This music takes on new dimensions when played loud at high volumes (which makes sense considering Glas references the Dreamhouse in his album description). Even so, the video is another experience entirely. 

“Each animation presented is a differently angled snapshot expression of a proverbial single piece of sand, in a larger beach-like mosaic: a field of myriad possible perspectives, finely combed through via Keigo and his computer wandering,” Glas describes, illuminating the multifaceted interpretations where this work can lead. “Keigo has always had a knack for discovering and composing images which reveal my work to me, in ways I didn’t know I didn’t know.”

Superpositional Melodies will be released on September 30 via Room 40. Stream below and pre-order HERE.

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