Premiere: The Sheaves “Excess Death Cult Times”

The angles might seem all wrong on The Sheaves’ debut, the exquisitely titled Excess Death Cult Times, but perception is a twisted thing. Winding vocal melodies fall off cliffs, chased by guitar and keyboard structures that could fall to pieces at any minute. So much of The Sheaves’ charm is the ramshackle undercurrent throughout their songs. It’s a hoax, though, because this music is beautifully constructed, like a rickety shed concealing a mountain of diamonds. 

Channeling the spirit of Jad Fair, The Sheaves ride an asphalt slipstream deep into the free-spirited divide. Lyrics recount deserted dreams and artless encounters, always delivered in a simultaneously detached and engaging drawl. Excess Dealt Cult Times is a revelation, steering unfettered garage sonics through a post-everything maze. These glorious gutter tunes just keep walloping me.

Excess Dealt Cult Times will be released on August 23 by Moone Records on cassette and digital formats. Stream the whole thing exclusively via Foxy Digitalis below and grab that pre-order as though the world depended on it HERE.

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