Video Premiere: Senyawa + Lawrence English/Aviva Endean/Peter Knight/Helen Svoboda/Joe Talia “Mangsa dan Penguasa”

This is an absolute dream team. During the height of lockdown in 2021, separated by seas and universes, “Mangsa dan Penguasa” is a wonder of sonic expression and timeless ritual. Sacred sounds from another dimension collide with airs of familiarity to create something new that swims in a sea of mystics. A matrix of ethereal voices smooths the harsh edges, piercing through the veil like sirens multiplying. A sorrowful violin progression winds around deep, guttural vocal incantations as though it is enchanting each sound to coax them into the light. For music so laden with darkness, it brims with incandescence. English saturates each twisted melody, each liminal turn with living drones. The entire ensemble on “Mangsa dan Penguasa” is incredible. The video, edited by Reuben Lewis, is a peak behind the curtain into Senyawa’s conjuring zones, ensuring that something so otherworldly is, in fact, real. Unbelievable, powerful music.

The Prey and The Ruler will be released on October 28 by Room 40. Pre-order HERE.

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