Video Premiere: Braulio Lam “Apertura”

In Braulio Lam’s video for his new album, Apertura, a visceral softness becomes an all-encompassing sonic cocoon. Crooked, unsteady soundscapes reflect the places where we retreat, the places we don’t let anyone see. Through expressive, cathartic choreography directed by Dulce Escobedo, the dancers’ movements feel harsh at first but become enamored by the unencumbered sound. The journey becomes the story of the music. It’s hypnotizing. Beautiful. Details are hammer blows, yet each rustling texture and solemn arrangement is an unfolding expanse where we can escape. Lam’s aural palette is like a shapeshifting anima, hovering in stillness. We search simultaneously for answers and solace, finding both within these hollowed-out, resonant swells. Once the music starts, there’s no turning back.

Apertura will be released by Dragon’s Eye Recordings on October 7. Pre-order HERE.

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