Video Premiere: Chris Abrahams “Costume”

For Chris Abrahams’ sixth album for Room 40, the forthcoming Follower, the piano is a critical component of the four sound pieces. His work shines in the liminal spaces between music and noise, tonality and atonality, rhythm and texture. On “Costume,” the first glimpse from Follower, crystalline organic atmospheres take on liminal expressions. Pushed along by a ghost rhythm, we wonder where the intangible terrain will take us next. Abrahams nudges the building swells into blurred considerations, a way to navigate the frozen plane without blinding ourselves. Abrahams buoys this haunted, drifting feeling with the video’s snowy imagery and constant movement. Electronics pierce the opaque shroud to allow the considered progressions of piano and de-tuned bells to escape into the brisk air. 

Follower will be released on December 2 by Room 40. Stream below and pre-order HERE.

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