Video Premiere: antxnio graz “cadenza liquida”

On their debut release LOADING//:fluids, Andalusian composer antxnio graz distills an imagined place where nature, biology, and technology come together in an organic database into three mesmerizing sonic pieces. Miniscule details blossom into andromeda galaxies while entire systems collapse into a finite point. The EP’s centerpiece is the transfixing “cadenze liquida.” Based on an improvisation through the voice of the poet Antonio Gala, graz conjures winding piano motifs into a mystic reverie. Echoes spin into weightless, hovering catacombs housing liquid vessels that tether our forward progress to a decaying past. 

Blase, the name used by filmmaker Bruno Lasevicius for his more experimental work, turns the ageless spirit of graz’s piece into a visually stunning exposition. The video amplifies the fluid pathways through hypnotic movements and patterns, bringing each lilting aural passage to life. Color intensifies the fervent moments, and combined with the soundscapes, it’s an enchanting yet cryptic experience. 

LOADING//:fluids will be released on November 18 via Dragon’s Eye Recordings. Pre-order HERE.

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