Video Premiere: Space Between Clouds “Sun Tea in G major”

Space Between Clouds’ self-titled debut earlier in the year was a spiraling showcase of quiet sonic connections built with emotional depth and unique arrangements. David Ralicke described the foundations of that album as a series of drones “designed ​​to sneak by consciousness and lay down in the shadows behind thoughts.” This brings us to Spiral, which presents the original drones in two lengths for each: 20 minutes and 55 minutes. 

“Sun Tea in G major” beckons our focus inward through evolving synthscapes. “Suspension of time has often been a goal in my music and videos,” Ralicke explains. “I attached a video camera to my bike and rode at a Ciclavia event in Los Angeles which was starting a half block from where I live. Ciclavia shuts down a major street or streets on a weekend day and only allows for bicycle or pedestrian traffic. It suspends time in this way, slowing down people’s thoughts by a temporary repurposing of usually very busy streets. Two versions of the video play superimposed on each other: one playing backward and the other playing forward. The dizzying effect helps place the viewer in a timeless suspended place.” 

Slow, subtle movements build into an enveloping cocoon, cutting off outside distractions as we listen to each hypnotic expanse.

Spiral is out tomorrow, October 28, via AKP Recordings. Watch their page HERE.

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