Track Premiere: Post Moves & the Sound Memory Ensemble “Lorraine’s” (feat. Kyle Field)

Photo by Alex Phillipe Cohen

Shades of sonic waves flicker into view during the opening moments of Post Moves & the Sound Memory Ensemble’s new album, Recall the Dream Breath. Sam Wenc pulls back the curtain here, stripping down his sound to let the sun shine directly on his music’s core. Pedal steel hymnals are the guiding light throughout “Lorraine’s,” imbuing the liminal textures with a resonant warmth. Each emotive passage becomes a memorable expression grafted to an ageless spirit. Wenc is joined by Kyle Field, who wrote and recited the poem “Lorraine’s.” There’s a steel-eyed persistence in the unfolding melodies, as though Wenc is slowly pulling each one apart as an offering. Bowed cymbals and percussive shards heighten the intimacy in these moments where we come together in the pages beneath the craggy cliffs, soaring on the wild breeze.

Recall the Dream Breath will be released on January 202, 2023, via Moone Records and Lobby Art. Stream below and pre-order HERE.

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