Foxy Digitalis 2022 Favorites: Lawrence English

What more can I say about Lawrence English? He is one of the finest people working in contemporary and experimental music, whose artistry is only outweighed by his generous spirit. In a year where he released one of the finest slabs of conceptual drone and his label, Room 40 (full disclosure, one of those releases was my own), continued to be a beacon for the margins, English shows no signs of stopping. For one last parting shot at 2022, here’s a selection of his favorite music from the past year.

Roland Kayn – Mutenaces
Ripatti Deluxe – Speed Demon
Joe Rainey – Ninety
Lisa Lerkenfeldt – With Water Up To Her Knees
Rubbish Music – Re-Use And Recycling Centre
mHz – Same Room, Another Day
Ben Frost – The Intensive Care Unit
Dewa Alit – Likad
Nadah El-Shazly – Sekket El Amwal
Boy Harsher – Burn It Down
Anja Lauvdal – Xerxesdrops
Patricia Wolf – Recalibration
Smoke Point – Spawn Point
Norman Westberg – Mindful

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