Track Premieres: Lunar Corp “Poetic Complications” + “Fear of a Dying Planet”

Floating somewhere in the ephemeral drifts in between worlds, Lunar Corp’s forthcoming album, Tourism, is a guided journey through sonic worlds. Opener “Poetic Complications” combines organic undercurrents with soaring synth melodies. Birdsong and square waves hold candles against the fading light to bring these emotive chord progressions back into their warm cocoon. 

Lunar Corp’s Dandyano Zentveld plays with quiet dichotomies throughout Tourism, notably on the stunning “Fear of a Dying Planet.” Pensive emotions rise through the washed-out tones using purposeful forward movement to salve against the darkening tide. Each note is simultaneously a dagger and a shield alive with effervescence and crystalline resonance. Stretched melodies envelop our senses as the outside slowly closes around us.

Tourism will be released by Dragon’s Eye Recordings on February 3. Stream tracks below and pre-order HERE.

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