Video Premiere: Victoria Wijeratne “Graces & Muses”

Front page image by Francesco-Montaguti

The monochromatic textures and simple movements of Daniela Hýbnerová’s animations (inspired by Rebecca Holmes’s fantastic cover art) in the “Graces & Muses” video are a mirage for the complex arrangements and emotional depth singing underneath. Award-winning composer, Victoria Wijeratne’s forthcoming EP on Dragon’s Eye Recordings, Graces & Muses, is a gentle opening of the floodgates. Shifting sonic timbres and emotive tonal shapes spread across winnowing landscapes where decay is a beacon spinning immaculate visions from the dust. This music is graceful, seemingly effortless in connecting to parts of us we thought were lost. “Graces & Muses” is stunning.

Graces & Muses will be released on February 3 by Dragon’s Eye Recordings. Pre-order HERE.

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