Video Premiere: Primitive Motion “Portrait IV”

Front page photo by Keelan O’Hehir

For their newest release, Portrait of an Atmosphere, the duo of Sandra Selig and Leighton Craig use spacious, shifting sonic vignettes to create an ephemeral narrative spread across five pieces. “Portrait IV” meanders through changing landscapes with a hypnotic piano arrangement, and scattered improvisational pieces are woven into the spaces in between. Rich, organic timbres echo and hang in the distance as Primitive Motion capture an illusory ambience without any reverb or delay. Selig’s voice hovers cloudlike with an impermanent edge dissecting the song’s spirit to keep the aural movement purposeful and sharp. There’s an untroubled focus and energy throughout, captured and buoyed by the video’s changing imagery, showing a side to this great project that’s simultaneously new and familiar.

Portrait of an Atmosphere will be released on March 17 by A Guide to Saints. Pre-order HERE.

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