Track Premiere: Amma Ateria “repetition: changes”

Trauma presents itself in uncountable ways, and electroacoustic composer Amma Ateria uses sound to explore the aftermath of a severe impact to the orbital and frontal bone. On “repetition: changes,” movements shift into different planes with disorienting effects. Repetitive tones ascend and fall, intersected by sharp timbres and percussive glitches. Our mind tries to focus on the gentle tones, but the crushed ambience grates and distracts. It’s such a compelling piece as these momentary blips recount scarred flashbacks. When the lights begin to flicker, sonic remnants hang in the ether like phantoms, a lingering reminder of the fall.

Amma Ateria’s CONCUSSSSION I will be released by Dragon’s Eye Recordings on March 17. Stream below and pre-order HERE.

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